ostrich faux fur jacket

Designer: Fabulous Furs

$ 239.00

Nature teaches us texture, color and balance and you, darling, had us at hello! The WOW of your wild and wonderful texture--you're so tactile and touchable! In tasteful Taupe so artfully tipped--you're the absolute picture of understated perfection. Dearest, it was never our intention to fall in love with something so . . . well, weird, as a Taupe Ostrich jacket, but you, my love, are so impeccably balanced and cleverly designed, we simply had no choice! Some may note you're under-endowed: collar-less and with hidden hook & ring closures. But that's the point! Without minimalist details, darling--you'd be a lesser creature. And knowing that you're unique, unduplicated and can't be cloned makes us love you all the more! If you show up a bit lighter or a bit darker than the picture we hold so dear--all the better to love you as the one-of-a-kind masterpiece we've come to adore! Seriously, the unique color process used in our Taupe Ostrich jacket DOES produce one-of-a-kind coloration. Taupe may be slightly lighter or darker than pictured and we hope you, like us, find true love in your jacket!

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